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There is no plan B, no planet B and no way of reversing climate change. All we can do is slow it down…

Welcome to Amber Links

Climate change is the most serious threat humankind has faced. Life as we know it is likely to change beyond recognition – unless we take action. We need a massive and rapid global response to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases and slow the rise in global temperature.

Unsure how to respond? Overwhelmed by confusing, sometimes conflicting information? Not surprising given that this is such a massive issue and we need to respond in a variety of ways:

  • Change our carbon-rich lifestyles
  • Make our communities more sustainable
  • Raise awareness
  • Seek justice for poor people who suffer most from the impact of climate change
  • Bring pressure on national and international leadership to make the necessary changes.

Amber Links aims to provide an easy-to-use, independent ‘doorway’ linking you to the many helpful organisations and websites out there. Whatever the issue that concerns you, it should provide a quick introduction and links to useful sites.